Making your CV stand out! 
Looking for a new role? Trying to make sure you stand out from the crowd? Maybe it has been a long time since you had to do this? 
Through this difficult year the sheer volume of applications for every role has sky-rocketed, and roles are even harder to come by, so making your CV as strong as possible is crucial in order to maximise your chances. 
So we are releasing quick tips articles to get you focused on the way your CV comes across – small bits of info you can utilise to make sure you are selling yourself correctly! 
It is well documented that hiring managers spend an average of 7 seconds skimming a CV for key info before deciding whether to read it thoroughly, so you need to make an impression as quickly as possible! 
Here are the first 3 quick top tips for making your CV as likely to succeed as possible: 
1 – Size matters: 
A never-ending CV looks like overkill and a one-page CV without any detail does not cut the mustard. Aim for 2 pages covering your entire work history and education. You may have excellent references, but these should be obtained as an extra if asked for not included in the content. You may have some excellent work experience but if you have one job of 10 years’ experience and another of 3 months, then the details should heavily be weighted to the longest serving role. 
2 – Fonts and colours matter too: 
Trying to get your CV to be 2 pages does not mean reducing the font to be small enough that it counts as an eye test for the reader – do not make it difficult to read, stick with a standard, clear, legible font size 11 or 12 no fancy calligraphy style writing that can look messy or has to be read slowly. 
3 – Stand out for the right reasons: 
Please do not be fooled into thinking that having lots of fancy colours will make your CV more noticeable and impressive – yes it will be remembered maybe, but you want to be remembered for having the right experience, skills or attitude to the role – not for having been the only one to send in a CV in pink writing on a green background and giving the reader a migraine! 
We will be giving more tips across the coming weeks – first check your CV hits these marks, hopefully a quick exercise for you to do to get your CV going in the right direction! 
Look out for the next tips coming shortly! 
In the meantime, please follow us on social media for notifications on any new posts or roles that might be of interest! 
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